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New Cross Soul: Reality
Headwound Recordingz (2006)
Cheap Stout
Born out of necessity in Dublin, Ireland, early in 2002, NEW CROSS SOUL is the holy alliance of road weary drum'n'bass mic fiend, poet, family man GOK LEO VALE (MC Wuzza) and hybrid man/machine, sonic sculptor MANAIA TOA.

Oct-2006 NZ Herald review by Scott Kara rated 4/5
Cheap Stout 03:18 n/a 4
Reality 03:20 n/a 4
The Last Tree 04:33 n/a 4
I Know Its Wrong 04:01 4
New Cross Soul 06:48 n/a 4
Voyage 2 Infinity 03:19 n/a 4
Bounty Hunter 03:55 n/a 4
Owing You Money 04:43 n/a 4
Epic Mundane 01:57 n/a 4
Guntest 2006 04:27 n/a 4
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