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Saturday 28/10 '06, Uncooked Records Launch Party in Copenhagen

Starting at Bacchus vinbar, ending up at Copenhagen Club Vega, Uncooked Records friends celebrate, hence the lack of photos... Skønt, og mange tak til Christian!

Eva, Mike, Nick - skønt vejr

Ninna  Matt 

Tanja Christian

Nick - igen... You get her number?

Info og rygter om kommende udgivelser...

New Cross Soul - Reality på

Friday 13/10 '06, Uncooked Records Launch Party in Auckland

Thanks to all the fantastic support and well wishes from artists and friends who joined us for the launch on Friday night at Rakinos on High Street.

Nick (Substax) Matt
AJ Cotton, Andos (Larry Normans), Peter

Sara (Uncooked Records US) , Kate
AJ Cotton, Jesse

Tam, Matt & Holly
Kate! Kate & Suzy

JB, Kim
Holly, Steve (Uncooked Records)

7 October 2006 - 4:30am

Uncooked Records Digital Downloads

Just because it is the weekend is enough reason to kick off the new era in indie music download services. At last we have the technology to offer you the most effective access to digital content available.

Uncooked Records produces, records and distributes digital music and related content world wide.

1 Oct 2006

Note to all concerned, this trip was a fantastic success.

Matt Hardy representing Uncooked Records (NZ) will be visiting København to launch the digital into Europe.
The promotional period between 24th/10 - 14/11 2006 will provide Uncooked Records with the opportunity to speak with new bands and artists from Scandanavian countries and elsewhere.

Need Online Music Distribution?

Any artists wanting to begin their foray onto the online world stage with high quality Digital Downloads hosted by Uncooked Records... CONTACT US TODAY

Launching of Uncooked Records DK

We plan to launch the Danish Site late October - Confirmed 28th October - we currently (24/10) think the venue is Bacchus... Email for more information.

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