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Born out of necessity in Dublin, Ireland, early in 2002, NEW CROSS SOUL is the holy alliance of road weary drum'n'bass mic fiend, poet, family man GOK LEO VALE (MC Wuzza) and hybrid man/machine, sonic sculptor MANAIA TOA.

The "FIRST DAZE" 12" was quickly snapped up throughout Europe. With it's dark, minimal atmospheres and complex lyrical consciousness, it achieved critical acclaim in the cities of Berlin, Prague, London and Dublin.

Upon MANAIA TOA's return back to Aotearoa in 2003, and with the addition of the beautiful DEE on vocal duties, the sound has developed. It has become a warmer more organic kind of future urban/rural funk.

The new album "Reality" was recorded entirely during the full moon cycles of March - June 2005 in a 108 year old farm house in the stark environments of the southern Hawkes Bay. This has also lent it's vibe to the sound.

While hardcopy of the "Reality" album is available through Headwound Recordingz, is excited to have signed NEW CROSS SOUL to an exclusive licensing deal for the digital download rights. is also pleased to announce that we have obtained the rights to the now deleted "Future Daze" 12" and once re-mastered will also be available for download.

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