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Substax Info

Nick Farrands - keys, guitar, samplers and studio production
Jason Johnston - electronic drums, live loops and studio production
Claudia Gunn - vocals, guitar
Janine Randerson - video artist
Rachel Dreyer - VJ


Substax produce electro soul - a sound that reflects the expansive landscape of Aotearoa and the inspiration of film and soundtrack music.  It harks back to the genius of Motown, Sly Stone and Stevie Wonder and moves it forward through modern production and other fusions. 

Substax released their debut album 'Electro Soul Plane' in New Zealand in June 2005 through Sugarlicks Recordings Aotearoa.  With its exceptional mixture of lush down tempo and straight up dance floor bizness, ESP has been critically acclaimed at home, and is scheduled for release in Europe in June 2006.

"With a lot of our tracks, it's a bit like driving down the coast to the Coromandel (a favourite holiday destination close to Auckland) and you go through these windy roads between massive hills, then all of a sudden you come round a corner and bam - there's the Pacific Ocean. That sense of space, music in widescreen, is also influenced by our professional backgrounds in film and television. Each composition is like a soundtrack to an imaginary film- and the best bit is that anyone who listens will be seeing a different film in their head."

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