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Section 3B

§3B is a progressive hard rock project with musicians based in Norway and New Zealand. The project draws inspiration from ill-conceived inventions and treatments utilised in psychiatric care. §3B's debut album is due to be released in the first half of 2007.

Under §.3.b. it is stated that a person can be committed to a mental institution against his will when that person is considered to constitute a danger to his own or other peoples lives and well being. The current patients include; Yme on guitar; Ingar on bass; Mark on drums and Stÿn on flute. In their delusions they claim to draw inspiration ranging from classical composer Claude Debussy to doom metal band My Dying Bride. The record can, however, confirm that although these musicians have a wide range of experience with metal, rock, jazz, latin and classical music expressions, their combined efforts belong more in the genre of hard rock with musical elements stolen from progressive rock and goth metal.

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